Thursday, July 22, 2010

v2, d124: I'm Not At ComiCon

ComiCon is back. I'm not there. I've never been at one of these, and I've actually never honestly had a strong desire to be at one, yet today I wondered why exactly I'm not at ComiCon. So, as is usually the case when I ask a question I'm not really concerned about the answer to, I asked Tarvis why we weren't at ComiCon. After virtually no thought, he replied, "Because we're poor."

"You mean if we were wealthy, you and I would be at ComiCon right now?"

Again, no hesitation. "Yes."

So there you go. I am not at ComiCon, and it's all because I'm poor.

I sometimes wonder if they need to re-name ComiCon. Let's face it, cliche as it sounds, it's not just a comics convention anymore. Anything entertainment-related that may potentially have a niche following is probably holding a panel at ComiCon this year. If you're an actor who is in a movie in the next two years, you are probably at ComiCon. For example, I realize that the movie Red is based on a comic book series, but it seems surreal that there's going to be a panel at the biggest geekfest in the country featuring Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, and John Malkovich. Heck, Pixar has an annual booth and panel at ComiCon!

I made some comment about this to Tarvis, and how ridiculous (and yet awesome) the all-encompassing nature of ComiCon has become. "It's like, anything with a fanbase that could be nominally interesting to geekdom has its own panel. Heck, I'm almost surprised Sylvester Stallone doesn't have a scheduled ComiCon panel!"

Checked my Twitter tonight and saw the following tweet from Edgar Wright, director of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (probably the most anticipated non-Marvel or DC phenomenon at the Con this year): "Am about to head to Hall H. To follow Stallone. This is insanity."

Of course. Of. Course.

I guess this means I'll be going to ComiCon just as soon as Metro Valley Hero Squad becomes a household franchise. DVD, PS3, Burger King toys, all that good stuff.