Thursday, July 8, 2010

v2, d111: "Hey! I'm makin' a sandwich here!"

Well, yesterday was a long day. We'll leave it at that :-)

Fortunately, it is now Thursday, meaning we're on the downward slope of this week.

Apparently, people now worry when I unexpectedly don't blog for a day. Many apologies. Sometimes it just doesn't work out. Now, if I don't blog for, say, three days, and there's no explanation, then feel free to worry ;-)

I'd wondered what made a deli a "New York deli." Answer: pastrami. And kosher. NOT attitude, bad dialect, and constant talk about the Knicks, Yankees, and Rangers.

Learned a new bit of slang: "Perf." It's short for "Perfect." I think. Ah, text-messaging and the Internet. Killing the English language, one syllable at a time ;-)

Maybe I don't want to be an English teacher someday. Maybe I should teach grade-school P.E. instead.

And that, for some reason, makes me think of this:

I'm kinda surprised/amazed I actually remember that.