Saturday, July 24, 2010

v2, d126: Back in my day...

I don't know if I've gone on about this here or not, but kids at the grocery store have got it pretty darn good this day in age.

When I was a kid, you sat on a part of the grocery cart that they had converted to a child seat. It wasn't comfortable, but that didn't matter. They eventually added seatbelts so you wouldn't fall out. Nice of them.

Today, we went to Kroger with Robbie, and he sat in a child-sized car with comfortable seating for two and a turning steering wheel. Oh, and a television that showed Veggie Tales cartoons until it ran out of battery (which happened after about 40 minutes of shopping; when fully charged, Kim tells me it can go on for over an hour)

Yeah. Kids these days have it SOOOOO tough!