Friday, July 30, 2010

v2, d130: WOF #1: Haiku

I didn't realize Shuffleblog was so popular. That means I have to put it later in the week. Otherwise people will just stop reading before we get to the other fun stuff. Who knew?

Also somewhat disheartening discovery: the one thing in my blog that people look forward to wasn't actually my idea. Oh well.

Roy Oswalt has been
traded. Not surprising. But
it's still kind of sad.

Zombie movies. As
Seinfeld might say, "What is the
deal with these zombies?"

People watching films
ain't on Facebook! Solution?
Movie of Facebook!

I liked the movie
"Jaws." "Jaws 2" was bad. He ate
a helicopter.

When people think of
me, what do they think? I hope
it's "sharks." Is that weird?

Hamilton Bulldogs
of the AHL still use
Who Let the Dogs Out.

Did you see Fight Club?
It was a movie that had
Ed Norton in it.

Used to want to be
a marine biologist.
It would have paid more.

Having trouble with
writing a scene? Drop the scene!
Brilliant solution!

I used to have a
Care Bear Cousin. Manlier
than Care Bears, those were.

I went fishing once.
Caught a log. It put up a
fight. I let it go.

My beautiful wife
would like me to log off now.
Farewell, haiku blog!