Sunday, July 25, 2010

v2, d127: "This do..."

When I was force-feeding my inheritance to a bunch of pigs,
You said, "Broken for you."
When I hid in the garden in a vain attempt to hide my shame,
You said, "Shed for remission."
While I was counting my paltry thirty silver coins,
While I believed I was strong enough to follow you to death,
I was sitting at your table; you taught me even then.

The came the blessed season
When I saw the holes in your hands;
You were alive and you were real,
And never would I betray you again.

When I thought myself unlovely,
You said, "Take, eat."
When I willingly strayed and hated myself for it,
You said, "Drink it all."
You called me to examine my heart for myself.
It didn't take a genius to know that I was lacking.
You called me to the table again; you taught me even then.

"My body, broken for you.
"My blood, shed for the remission of sins.
"Broken, spilled, for you, forever."
I come to the table again.
"This do in remembrance of Me."