Sunday, July 18, 2010

v2, d120: $62.87

We have an old apple juice plastic jug that we use to throw our loose change in. We've been doing this with varying levels dedication on and off for the don't really know how long, and it wouldn't be an accurate assessment anyway since we occasionally stop for three or four months at a time. The idea is, when this thing is full, we'll use the money in it to help us go on our next "big" vacation, whenever that is.

Sometimes, when I'm really bored or just really unfocused, I'll sit down, pour out all the change in the jug, and count it. The jug is currently only about 1/5 full, but it still takes me around half an hour to separate all the coins by denomination and then count, starting with the quarters and working my way down to the pennies. It's a really boring, tedious task, but I'm pretty A.D.D. so sometimes it helps calm me down when I can't get my mind settled on one thing or another. Once we fill this thing up a bit more, however, I'm probably going to have to stop doing this, or I'll go mad.

I don't do this often, by the way. Juuust in case you were worrying.