Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day Three-Hundred Fifteen: Winter cleaning, part I

Ah, cleaning the house for Thanksgiving company. Always a thrill. Falling this year on questionable health and fatigue, no less.

Accomplished today: laundry folded, newspapers trashed, comic books consolidated, and the dreaded computer desk cleaned, revealing a veritable treasure chest of goodies!

1) $15 gift card from Dessert Gallery! That's reward enough for this undertaking! But there's more!

2)Four brand new light bulbs! We will be able to see this Thanksgiving!

3) Two binder clips! I can't tell you how often I'm in need of binder clips! (Sure I can; pretty much any time I have a new script I need to keep in one piece)

4) A Sharpie! A black one! So's I can actually WRITE on CD's I burn now and know what they are two months later!

5) Stamps! Of the 37, 39, and 2 cent variety! Enough 2 centers to make up the insufficiency of the others. Also, a small page of generic "first class" stamps that require no help at all! (I believe those are left over from our wedding)

6) Sentimental finds: a hand-written note from my mother-in-law the day after Robbie was born and a cross-stitched "WL+KS" in a heart that Kim gave me six years ago.

7) Like, 400 index cards! Every year, I just keep buying more index cards because I haven't been able to find the ones I bought before. I should be good for anther couple of years now!

8) FOUR CD's of pictures!

9) Four partial plastic combs. Which will come in handy when I periodically lose my one complete black plastic comb.

10) And finally, perhaps the most useful thing I found after half an hour of digging through papers, CD's, books, etc....SHELF SPACE!!!

Tomorrow's goals: dishes and living room floor. Bring it, the holidays!