Friday, November 6, 2009

Day Two-Hundred Ninety-Nine: Bounce back

Lookout cuz I come atcha like ball off of a hardwood floor
You knock me down take me out I bounce back cuz I gots more
Then where that came from. That guy who wrote that post before
Was poor, on the floor, but now that guy's been shown the door

I got more bounce back than a free throw by Shaquille O'Neal,
A puck rang off the post (a hockey ref'rence? Kid's fo real!)
Yo, don't you count me out, I may not be tha Man of Steel
But when I get down I bounce back, and I like baby seals

I got more rhymes than the itsy bitsy spider
I got more comebacks than the Insyderz
Got information on the sequel to Ghost Rider
And a link to how a bird shut down the Hadron Collider.

Don't be laughin, don't be hatin, don't be dissin these rhymes,
Don't be actin' high and mighty like you're Optimus Prime,
Cause I'm comin' from a night that was so far from sublime,
But guess what? It's a new day, and it's bounce back time.

*cough cough*