Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day Three-Hundred Seventeen: Thankscleaning, part 3

Okay, tonight I gotta clear out space for the fold-out bed to fold out, unload the dishwasher, and vacuum if I can manage to do so without waking Robbie up. And I should be able to do that, because he sleeps through our upstairs neighbors, so it'll have to take more than a ton of noise to wake that boy up. If/when we move back to the Midwest, I don't know if the poor kid's going to be able to sleep without the constant sounds of cars, sirens, people walking just outside the window and talking loudly, cats fighting, and all the other ambient chaos just outside his window.

Very excited to have family over tomorrow. You know, I still haven't gotten over that cough I wrote about twenty-two days ago? I think I was almost there, and then a wave of something else hit me over the weekend, and now I'm actually a good bit more miserable than I have been for awhile. That'll put a slight damper on Thanksgiving/ Christa Day (my sister's birthday falls on Thursday this year), but it'd take a lot to ruin my holiday spirit.

As you'll discover, blog, over the next month-plus, I'm very into Thanksgiving, Christmas, and everything in between. It is certainly my favorite time of year, and that INCLUDES the playoffs.

Okay, that's enough for tonight. Oh, the Bible study seemed to go very well this morning, gauging by the folks who came up and talked to me afterward. Including some who don't usually comment after my Bible study sessions. Of course, I'd imagine the people who hate it when I teach probably just don't bother to come up and say anything at all, and the people who didn't comment far outweighed the people who did, so perhaps it's best not to read too much into things one way or the other.

That cat outside needs to move away.