Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day Three-Hundred Twenty-One: The Tree Is Up

Tonight, the Christmas tree is up. This was the first time Robbie helped us decorate, and he really seemed to enjoy it. His favorite ornaments to hang were the colored glass balls because they had the hooks that he could get onto the tree limbs fairly easily. He's really getting into all of the holiday stuff this year, which I'm excited about.

This is Robbie's third Christmas. The first year, he really wasn't terribly mobile, so we were able to set him down underneath the tree, and he'd stare up at it from his back with wide eyes. Last year, he was running around and getting a kick out of playing with wrapping paper for the first time. This year, he's a part of it all. He gets excited when he sees Christmas lights while we're in the car. He wants to help decorate the tree. He loves listening and dancing to the music. He's old enough to hear the stories and understand them. He can learn songs and repeat them now. He has a very keen understanding of the word "present" for the first time in his life. He's also learning the concepts of sharing and turn-taking, so those will come in handy when it's time to hand out presents for everybody on the big day. In a lot of ways, this is starting to feel like Robbie's first true Christmas. I'm so pleased and excited to be sharing it with him.