Friday, November 13, 2009

Day Three-Hundred Six: Hello, Hello Hurricane

I finally (as if it's been an intolerable wait since Tuesday) got my hands on Switchfoot's newest CD, Hello Hurricane. (Think of it as a slightly peppier cousin to Nothing is Sound) I gave up on finding it at Wal Mart, Borders, and Barnes and Noble after a particularly frustrating lunch break on Tuesday/evening on Wednesday and I went to the Lifeway Christian book store that's by my church. I haven't actually bought a Christian CD from a Christian music store in a long time. I don't buy a lot of music for myself anymore, sadly, and what I do buy I generally get on-line. In fact, I think the last time I set food in Lifeway was actually to get Nothing is Sound. That was my first year in Houston.


Anyway, very glad I went to Lifeway today. Hello Hurricane was there, and it was on sale for $11 (rather than the $14 that was on the tag). I'm all for saving a few bucks! However, as I was on my way to the checkout stand, I overheard the super-duper-friendly cashier tell the folks ahead of me that they were selling Casting Crowns' Christmas CD, Peace on Earth, for five bucks through November 28th or something like that.

Now, I love Christmas music. And while I'm not a gigantic Casting Crowns fan, I've also never heard much by them that I haven't liked. Furthermore, I do like to try to add one new Christmas album per year, that we may have an ever-expanding collection for the holidays. So I thought, "Wow, even if I only like half the songs on this CD, that's still a pretty good price!!"

So, bottom line, as I'm forced to be patient a few extra days by the champions of corporate America, I end up getting Hello Hurricane AND a cool new Christmas album (and a couple of packets of "Harvest Seeds"--it's like candy corn, only Christian!) for under twenty bucks.