Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day Three-Hundred Three: Compy's Back!!

Right, so for those of you don't remember, I've been having computer issues with my home computer for awhile. I'm not the most tech-savvy guy in the state of Texas, so generally when things go wrong on my computer I'm instantly out of my league.

To give you a brief rundown of everything in the life of my computer, I've collected a few video clips to give you the gist of the happenings in the death, life, and re-death of my compy:

At first, it was kinda like this. Suddenly, one day, the thing randomly and completely shut down on me. (Okay, it wasn't EXACTLY like that, but the effect was similar) So the compy sat idle for quite awhile. Then, randomly, a few months later, I decide to start it up again, and boom! It works! However, I would run a virus check, and good old Dr. Norton told me, "Hey, your compy has a Trojan Horse, but either I can't get rid of it, or I won't." Not long after, compy was down for the count again.

Then there were some other details that I don't have funny clips for, so we won't talk about them, and they culminated in my taking the computer to the Geek Squad so they could fix it on October 5th. The girl at the counter said she couldn't fix it, but they could send it away to a magic factory where REALLY smart people who COULD fix it lived, and that it'd be at least three hundred dollars to do so, because these really smart people eat special food that's hard to come by, so they need lots of money. (There was also something about wolves, a train, and one out of every pair of twins...I didn't really get that part) Anyway, they promised they'd call me when they had an estimate ready for me, and I could tell them whether or not to go ahead and fix it. (Flashback...note this is nearly two hundred days after the first flashback in this post)

Today, over a month later, I decide to take some time out of the work day and drop by to see if anybody's heard from poor old compy since it was sent away to the magic factory. Stood in line behind an older gentleman, a former Marine helicopter pilot whose daughter was in I Am Legend. As he was describing the trouble he's been having with his computer to me, I could diagnose his problem fairly easily: the poor man didn't know how to check his email. Nice man, though.

Anyway, the lady behind the desk asked for my phone number to check their records. They don't have it. She asks for my name. They don't have it. I offer the credit card I used to pay last time. This they have. She asks me to describe the computer. She looks around confused for awhile. Then she turns around to the machine directly behind her on the counter. "It might be this," she says. "That looks like it," I say. We start it up, and the desktop is a picture of Kim, Robbie, and I in front of a Christmas tree. Yes, because it's been THAT LONG since it was working regularly. She then tells me that the computer's been ready since OCTOBER EIGHTH, and that the reason I never got a call was that their records showed this machine belonging to Samuel Longoria in North Carolina. So they certainly called him on the eighth to tell him his computer was ready. I'm sure he appreciated that.

The good news, however, is that they WERE able to fix it in-store. Apparently it didn't need to go to the REALLY smart people, just smartER people than the one who was looking at it originally. They did something with a ram, and then they removed forty-eight viruses from it, and now we're good to go.

First up: to re-stock the iPod I accidentally erased everything from a few months ago...