Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day Seventy-Six: I Am Magnet Man

*insert awesome guitar riffs here*

Seriously. Technology is revolting against me.

First, my computer monitor for my desktop computer dies. Kaput. My desktop is useless until I can get it fixed. Thus, any program I only had on that comp is now gone. Adios, msn messenger. Goodbye, itunes. Fare thee well, several documents I'd been trying to maintain daily.

Today, my work laptop malfunctions at rehearsal. It changed its mind later and decided to work, but had to tell me that it had recovered from a serious error first. I thanked it and we went on with our day.

Now my car is dead. Seems to be a battery problem. Don't know how we'll get to church in the morning.

If you have any mechanical device that is currently keeping you alive, stay away from me until this mystery is solved.