Friday, March 27, 2009

Day Seventy-Five: All Caught Up with No Place to Go

I like that title. I don't think it's accurate, but it's catchy.

We are caught up, friends! Huzzah for a return to linear numbering of posts!

Imagine if I'm ever away from a trusty Compy of Lappy for more than a week!

My Compy is good and trustworthy. Unfortunately, my Monitory appears to have given up the ghost. I have an old monitor or two around the apartment, so all the stuff on the computer should be safe. Good thing I bring my work laptop home at night so I can work

Wow. Can you tell it's Friday night? Check out my MAD VOCABULARY SKILLS! I mean seriously, how many times can you work the word "work" into a seventeen-word sentence and still make it work? Behold: work as an adjective, then as a verb, and then...oh!...oh! adjective describing ITSELF as a noun!! Eh??? Eh????

Eh. Whatever works.

I've been unabashedly silly all day today. I have not slept too much this week, and I did stay at work past nine every night but one while coming in at nine every morning, and I know that has had much to do with it. Today, though, was special. We had an all-day booking of Biff, Bang, Kapowie! (Exclamation point part of the title; I'm not really that excited about the show itself) I had a nice big sugary caramel frappe just before we left, but that shouldn't have left me wired the rest of the day.

I wondered today if I come across as ridiculous on this blog as I do sometimes in real life. Dave? Tarvis? Mom? Anybody care to comment?

My friend Deb commented that she loves it when I come on bookings, because I instantly make them ten times more fun by just being around. And that's good, I think. I really do take life quite seriously, and I can be somber when the occasion calls for it. Sometimes even profound or, perish the thought, wise (so I'm told. I've decided it's unwise for any man to comment on his own wisdom unless he has a signed document proclaiming it from somebody wise and cool, and I have none). Really, though, when I look around me, I generally see a world full of people who could use some cheering up.

'I've come to a crossroads,' he realized of a sudden. 'This post could get away from me, and quickly, with either of two discourses which are equally valid.' Nevertheless, he really wasn't "feeling" either of them at the moment, and so he abandoned that train of thought all together for now.

Anyway, the booking was fun. Rehearsal for A Phoenix Too Frequent was fun. Come see this show, folks, if you are able. I've a feeling it could end up being the best thing we put up on our stages this season. Another 7-hr day at work tomorrow, but it'll be good, I think. Or maybe not. Either way, Sunday is almost here, and I've really started enjoying those since Kim and I have made a concerted (and largely successful!) effort to keep those days work-and-chore free. (Man, what a neat idea. I wonder where that came from...)


I'm hungry.