Friday, March 13, 2009

Day Sixty-One: Posten sie Pikturen (Non-German: John Scott update!)

******Editor's Note: Today's title, while German in appearance, is not actually true German.*****

Production photos for The Hero Squad vs. the Princess Snatchers are up on the Players' flickr site now. I've posted some of my favorites on my facebook, but for those of you who read this and don't check that (Hi, Mom!) I'm going to give you a taste here.

First, here are our heroes!

Next, here's a villain! And a bored princess!

And finally, here's a link to all the rest of the photos! Check 'em out, folks! They're neat-o!

Happy Friday the 13th!!

*******Update: Following up on our John Scott story from two days ago: Big John had his first NHL fight last night. Colorado Avalanche pest Cody McCormick cross-checked teammate and former-Aero Cal Clutterbuck...IN THE FACE! Mr. Scott too exception to this and later decided to take the law into his own massive hands.

And here's the video. I have to say, I love the commentary.