Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day Fifty-Six: A pot, a pan, a broom, a hat.

"Someone should have put a match to this place years ago."

Ah, good times. Here's a little bit of this and that to start off our week.

* Since my last deadline-setting project worked so swimmingly, I'm doing it again. This week's goal: I will finish two one-act play scripts I'm currently working on by the end of Friday. I will do this because I need to have them workshop-read for me before rehearsals for A Phoenix Too Frequent begins, which did give me two weeks until I learned Kim and I (and Robbie, of course) will be headed to Oklahoma to celebrate Kim's granparents' 50th wedding anniversary with ALL of the family in two weeks. That leaves me the window of next Saturday to do this reading, which leaves me the window of this week to finish both scripts.

The good news is that one of these scripts I am writing specifically for my workplace, so I can work on it during my downtime at work and be completely justified in doing so. Huzzah!

* So I heard a comment third-hand recently that I should have just forgone this entire 365 writing exercise a posted a new picture of my baby every day, since that was all people wanted to see anyway. That stung, at least for a little while. Then I realized that I hadn't expected anyone other than maybe my mom and Sherri to read this semi-regularly, and that content comments are encouraging and a bonus! So, yay!

Incidentally, here's the biggest issue with Robbie pics: he really doesn't hold still for very long anymore, and most of the cutest things he does involve lots and lots of movement or else audio. I do have a camera, but it doesn't tend to handle movement well, so if I were to post any of the pictures I try to take with my camera, you'd generally get a nice big Robbie-colored blur every day for three-hundred sixty-five days. Almost doesn't seem worth it.

Now, my birthday, Mother's Day, and Father's Day are all around the corner, so if we suddenly ended up with one o them nice camera, we might just see what we can do toward that end ;-)

* I'd like to brag on my wife for just a moment. She got up in front of the whole church this morning to sing a special. This took some guts, because she's been sick for the last ten days and wasn't really even feeling too well this morning, but she felt that God really wanted her to sing this particular song in church, so she went for it. And did great. And I'm way proud of her.

* I'm now getting Facebook friend requests from parents of people I knew in high school. That's all.

* Who's not watching the Watchmen? *raises his hand* Not until Redbox, at least. I read the book, and I just really wasn't crazy about it. I understand and appreciate everything it did for graphic novels, but the combination of this story with this director plus this economic picture equals nothing I want to spend nine and a half dollars on. Wait for Redbox, movie for a buck, fries for a buck, drink for just over a buck. Done.

* I'm pretty sure somebody's gone back and made BubbleSpinner more difficult.

* And finally, an update on yesterday's post: According to what I last heard, everybody's going to be "fine." I use quotation marks, because I can't imagine trying to go back to normal after something terrifying like that, and I'm pretty sure all four victims are going to have lingering health issues of varying degrees. But it sounds like they'll all live. So that's a miracle and a blessing.

* Okay, one last finally: Old-school Disneyland fans of the world, unite! (Oh, um, I don't recommend reading the comments...)