Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day Sixty-Three: Assigment

Blog post for 3/ 15/ 2009


I’m doing some research, so I’d like a bit of feedback, if you’ve got the time.

Here’s your scenario: you’ve figured out the perfect way to surprise someone special in your life. Either a really great friend, a significant other, a fiancé, someone you’d like to make your fiancé, a sibling. I’d like to stay away from ‘a spouse’ for now, but you can use whatever stakes you need to make this next part plausible for you: you’ve figured up the all the costs of putting together this little surprise, and it comes out to right around $6,000. However, you have come to the conclusion that this is $6,000 you must spend in order to get this to happen (again, you can fill in the circumstances that would make this realistic).

So my question to you: how do you raise this money? Let’s say you could put together $1,000 without too much trouble. $1,500 would be stretching it. The rest, you’ve got to handle on your own. You could probably put about $750 of it on credit without crippling your future. That leaves you at least $3,750 short.

You’ve got six months. How do you raise this money?

Be creative and practical; you don’t have to do the whole thing yourself, but it’s probably not fair asking your buddy to sell his car and give you the cash.

Percolate on that a bit, good readers, and please report back with any ideas you come up with.