Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day Fifty-Three: Bring it on, week!

This has been a very unusual week. Between Kim's car trying to take me down with it, the cast party Monday night, typical Tuesday morning weirdness, learning Biff, Bang, Kapowie! on Tuesday, performing said monstrosity on Wednesday, and rewriting one of my scripts to allow for a new performer (me again!) to sub in one male actor in a role that was supposed to be a female actor.

That was today's adventure.

For one day only (hopefully), the character of Queen Victorious (president of the International Union of Superheroes, Amazing Persons, and Otherwise Outstanding Citizens--or IUSAPOOC, for short) has been replaced by a kid-friendly version of a Dark Tower rejected character-meets-Hero Squad Universe villain.

I went into the costume shop to figure out with Deb what my new character would look like. The idea: we just throw something together that works, and I'll make the character fit the costume. Result: The Crimson Cowboy. Black pants, button-up shirt, and boots, black hat with a red ribbon, red full-length sleeveless coat, and red belt with a silver star. Oh, and shades.

That's right, kids. I look hardcore.

And my name's an alliteration involving a color.

And that is how you find the perfect balance between adult post-apocalyptic western/fantasy epic and grade school comic book character-building one-act play.

I'll post a picture if anyone gets one tomorrow.

Edit: I will be posting a picture, because my wife has just informed me that I need to make certain that it is taken. Very well, then. I'll post a pic tomorrow, may it please ya well.