Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day Sixty-Eight: While the wind comes sweeping down the plain...

***Catching up from my recent time off in Oklahoma, here's last Friday's post***

On the one hand, it feels like it can’t possibly already be March.

On the other hand, I can’t believe it’s only the third month of the year.

Does that make sense?

Anyway, Oklahoma is fantastic. I have slept so much more than I usually do. I’ve actually been able to sleep in until I’ve been ready to wake up most mornings, I’m falling asleep an hour or so earlier than usual, and I’ve had the luxury of taking at least one nap per afternoon each day we’ve been here. I feel like I may finally be catching up on everything I’ve been losing the last month or so, and that’s exciting. The prospect of returning to work well-rested is an exciting one, especially with rehearsals for A Phoenix Too Frequent beginning Monday night.

Not writing anything just now, but it’s not for lack of trying. When that happens, I generally just need to move away from the project that is currently foiling me and move on to something I haven’t been thinking so hard about. (Which, in this case, will necessitate me listening to less Powerglove, sad to say)

It’s beautiful out here, by the way. The air is nice and cool and it’s not saturated in 99% humidity all day every day. The sun’s been shining pretty much since we got here. Robbie has spent several hours outside just running around or playing with rocks both days so far (Kim’s grandparents have a house out in the country with tons of land to play on). It’s also been nice to have family around so that one can hand him off and not worry about what he’s doing for an hour or two or three. Everybody stays fresher that way 

Also, I’m preaching at First Baptist Church in Coyle, Oklahoma on Sunday. It’s a position I filled for a month my senior year of college. It’s Kim’s grandparents’ church and it’s very, very small (we’re talking running between 20 and 30 on a Sunday morning last time I was around, and while that was four years ago I doubt it has grown too terribly much). It will be fun, because a) preaching is generally fun, and b) there’s a ton of family in town for the weekend. That should be more nerve-wracking than it is, I think. Maybe it’ll hit me tomorrow night.