Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day Seventy-Seven: A Day of Rest (?)

Kim and I have been going a fantastic job of keeping our Sundays free from work, whether it be job-related or chore-related. We've both started taking extra loads on Saturday to keep the first day of the week completely clear of everything except morning church and AWANA.

Sometimes, however, life just makes that literally impossible.

Today, we didn't make it to church because of car failure, so I spent a good chunk of the day either dealing with that or brainstorming how we could deal with a worst-case scenario. There was jump-starting of good car with Evil Car more than once, driving around a newly-rejuvenated Good Car to make sure it would keep going, and a Wal-Mart trip for some battery fun when it was apparent that Evil Car simply didn't have enough goodness to keep Good Car running.

There was also some hammering that became necessary as Robbie was playing in his "garden" (a.k.a. the back patio, which he's covered with some of Kim's potting soil) and I noticed how many nails were sticking out of the fence on all sides (the pointy sides, of course). Best moment of the day = banging hammer to bash the points which were nearly eye-level to my child into harmless nubs, then looking over and seeing Robbie standing a few feet away, banging on the fence with a rock that he'd found to help. Fantastic.

There was also some spider-killing going on today. It was a trying day. We ordered pizza.

And it was good.