Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day Fifty-One: Biff! Bang! Ka-whaa???

So this'll be short, and here's why:

Every year, somebody leaves the A. D. Players National Touring Company at some point (at least, every year since I've been around), and usually it happens when there are three or four performances of different shows coming up. That means that somebody usually has to scramble to pick up these shows so we can make our performance commitments.

Well, friends, it's that time of year again, and this year the scrambling coverer is...drumroll lease...ME! Had my first and only rehearsal of Biff, Bang, Kapowie!, a show about bully prevention in which I'll be stepping into one of the smaller roles, but the character who delivers every single point made in the entire script in lecture format. (Then we recap the whole thing with a rap. Yup.)

So, I'm brushing up on lines tonite, and learning that rap, and then my ride will be here to pick me up at 5:15 tomorrow morning for our 5:45 call time. (Remember yesterday's story about Kim's car trying to suffocate me? As Spider-Man would say, "Ah! Good times!")

So I'm off to do that. I'll probably post a report of some sort about it tomorrow afternoon (before my energy totally bottoms out at around 2 p.m.)