Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day Seventy-Three: Aero-Love

For anyone who might care (hi Dave and possibly Tarvis!), and in honor of former Houston Aero Cal Clutterbuck breaking the NHL single-season hits record with seven hits tonight against the Islanders for a total of 317 or so (the stat has only been kept since 2005, but still), here is a video parade honoring our former Aeros playing in the big leagues!

First up, it's really not a good idea to fight John Scott.

Cal Clutterbuck sticks up for his teammates. Key quote: "We were expecting some early fireworks." Yup, that's Cal. (He's a scrappy little bugger, but I think he comes out slightly on the short end of this one)

Not a ton of Petr Olvecky highlights just yet, but he's a hardworking guy. Nice to see him get a shot!

This is actually a really cool story about former Aero Josh Harding, one of my favorite current NHL'ers.

And here's Josh showing off his mad skills.

Man, was I frustrated when the Wild let go of Joel Ward. (Sorry for the poor video quality)

Dedication: breaking your leg in a game, going through a full year of rehab, and making it back. Stick tap, Kurtis Foster.

Would I link to a video of a former Aero getting clobbered? I might if it were Ryan Jones...

Man, Patrick O'Sullivan has skills. Wild could use a winger like him this year. Too bad they got rid of him...

I always liked Aaron Voros. But the dude. Is. Not. A. Fighter.

In closing, just learned the current Aeros won a big road game in a TOUGH arena tonite. Nice job, boys. Playoff picture is looking pretty darn good these days...