Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day Three-Hundred Seven: Shuffle Blog #2

Ahhh! It's 1:30 and I haven't posted anything!

Shuffle Blog!

Here we go!

SONG #1 Hero's Agony, from Hero! The Rock Opera
Oh, wow. That's such a somber way to start, I actually laughed a little when it came on. For those who aren't familiar, Hero! is a rock opera about Jesus living in contemporary times. It's actually a good take on what is normally a trite concept, and while the book needs rewriting and they had singers and not actors, the music is really fantastic and moving.

This particular scene is Hero!'s take on the Garden of Gethsemane. You know, where Jesus begged and pleaded with God that, if there were any other way that God's will could be done, that He could be spared being crucified. (For me) Yet, "Not as I will, but as You will," and that was His conclusion.

That is so freaking mind-blowing. Even knowing He was coming out on the end of this thing okay (scripture says He endured the cross "for the joy set before Him"), He was scared. Terrified. I think we all have this image of the willing sacrifice, (which, don't get me wrong, He totally was) and sometimes we lose the fact that He. Did. NOT. Want to go through with it. And then did.

The Christmas show I mentioned the other day that we're about to open that I wrote looks primarily at the miracle of God coming to Earth in human form, about His becoming Immanuel (literally, "God WITH US"). And this time of year, that thought is more than enough to blow my mind when I meditate on it. But that's still only part of it. He wasn't just WITH us, He also stood in our place. That we may never have to kneel in the Garden of Gethsemane and pray so hard that we sweat blood that we may be spared four days of torture and the terrors of death and hell.

Bah! Have to move on to next song.

#2. Colored People by dcTalk mixed with Entertaining Angels by Newsboys

Did anybody buy the Smashups album a couple (more accurately: five or seven) years ago? The concept was pretty much, "Let's take the musical track from THIS song and overlay it with the vocal track from THAT song. That will sound awesome, right??" I have to say I'm really amazed at how well they pulled it off, at least from a musical standpoint. Obviously, they have to tweak a little hear and there to make them fit exactly, but the entire project (save for the tragically-decimated Jesus Freak) is really a marvel of mixing and remastering.

I mean seriously. Who listens to Entertaining Angels and thinks "You know what would sound awesome? If this had a dcTalk song in it somewhere"?

And further, why can't I type "angels" tonight without first typing "angles"?

Bah. 1:30...

#3 Get Your Riot Gear by Five Iron Frenzy

This was during Five Iron's bitter stage. It's a swing song about riot police in Denver shooting tear gas grenades and using pepper spray on the throng of Broncos fans celebrating their Super Bowl victory over Brett Favre's Packers. Back when Brett Favre was in his prime. Which isn't to say he's not still really shockingly good, because his Vikings are a force to be reckoned with this year, despite his multiple retirements over the past few years.

I don't wanna say I feel bad for Brett Favre, because I don't really. He had a pretty great legacy, though, up until he really started screwing it up a few years ago with this retired, not retired, probably retired, tell you in a month, definitely retired, hey wait, why don't you want me anymore? thing. He actually used to be one of my favorite NFL players. Now, while it's not like he's exactly a villain, he's just not a guy I'd really necessarily want my kids to look up to. I mean, there are far worse role models in pro sports, ESPECIALLY pro football, but still.

Commitment, I guess. That's what it comes down to. Commitment. And being a responsible teammate. Commitment, being a responsible teammate, and humility. Commitment, humility, responsibility, and...wait, why am I suddenly expecting the Spanish Inquisition?

#4 Holy Monkey by the BNB All-Stars

All right, so this band was actually really bad and not THAT clever, but when I was in high school I found them hilarious. Of course, I loved any Christian ska or swing band I heard. I wanted to have my own ska band. I actually still want that. Very much. But you know, not all dreams come true, and that's looking like one that I will probably not ever actually realize. Which, you know, I don't really even know what I'd do with a ska band in this season of my life. I'm already working full-time plus some and not spending enough time with my family as it is. Plus, ska bands are expensive. I'd have to buy a real drum set, unless I'm the singer and not the drummer, in which case I'd still have to buy an expensive mixer board. Ska bands also eat a lot and leave a huge mess wherever they go, and my wife wouldn't appreciate that. Plus, they're all needy, like you have to feed them and walk them and give them individual love and attention, and I can only spread myself so thin before things start getting hairy.

So no, no ska band right now. That's easy to say when there are no prospects, of course. We'll see what happens if I get offered a position in a ska band at some point tomorrow...

#5 The Song of the Cebu by Larry the Cucumber

I actually saw a cebu at the zoo once. It really and truly is kinda like a cow.

I was actually thinking about children's/petting zoos earlier today. I'm afraid to take Robbie in one, because he might be trampled by otherwise docile quadrupeds. You show a flash of a quarter, or you even LOOK at the food dispenser at the wrong way, and holy Moses, it's Black Sheep. I actually went to a zoo (on a positively frigid day, but that's another story) where a smallish friend of mine was nearly knocked down when head-butted by a goat THAT SHE'D JUST FED! If she had gone down, I don't really know if she'd be with us here today. Seriously! Children's zoo? Animals bite, folks! This is how you develop complexes in small children! I take Robbie to the petting zoo and I have a feeling he'll be terrified of anything overtly woolly well into his adult life.

#6. 1985 by Roper

I don't remember much about 1985. I was three. Or two, depending on what time of year it is.

My first conscious memory is of falling off the top bleacher and landing on my head. Everything before that is kinda fuzzy...

According to wikipedia, 1985 started on a Tuesday. The UN declared it to be the International Youth Year. 1,631 people died in civil aviation accidents. British Telecom announced they were going to start phasing out red phone booths. "We Are the World" was recorded. Mike Tyson made his professional debut. Mikhail Gorbechav became de facto leader of the U.S.S.R. (Remember those guys?)

Okay, next song.

#7 Climbing Over Rocky Mountain from Pirates of Penzance

All right, I cheated. I skipped another couple of songs because I wanted to end on a up note, and I'm too sleepy to do more than one song. And what's happier than Pirates of Penzance? I'm so serious. I would jump at virtually any opportunity to do this show again. In the year 2003, I did this show at Huron Playhouse to close out the summer and then immediately again as the first show of my college season. I could probably have done another five productions of it and been perfectly happy. It is fluff of the highest level. I would love to do it at the Players, but that obviously ain't happening.

Heck, I'd love to do the entire show with WBW readers.

YES! That's just about the best idea I've EVER had!

We need to plan a week-long WBW convention here in Houston. We'll rent out a (very small) conference center, spend the mornings hanging out and playing Guitar Hero, spend the afternoons rehearsing Pirates of Penzance, and spend the evenings just hanging out. Possibly in the woods. Or on the beach. Depending on where we can get an affordable conference center.

Oh, and I know you think this will be optional, but it won't. It will happen. And you will be there.

Start thinking of your audition songs, kiddos.

Okay, DEFINITELY time for bed. The next song that popped up was Dentist! from Little Shop of Horrors.