Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day Two-Hundred Eighty-Nine: I'm not joking

If you didn't watch this video yesterday, go do it now. It's like, if you combined an alligator with a ninja, this is what you get.

Even the box office gals though it was cool.

Though I'm kinda sorry I didn't post this one first. I mean come on, that just looks like something I'd have made.

Though I wouldn't have gone so far as to sell T-shirts.

Second, adding further to the madness of Onomatopoeia day, this link from Sherri. For those who are lazy and/or uninterested and don't want to read, it's basically saying there's something out there big/vicious enough to bite a great white shark in half.

Yes, there's a picture.

Oh, the look of shock on that poor fish's face...

Apparently, some environmentalists are looking to reduce the anti-shark measures in Australia's beaches because they're hurting whales, fish, and turtles. However, I'm pretty sure I'd want every layer of anything you can possibly throw between me and that creature. Clearly, this was just a warning. We have no idea what these gigantor beasts are planning. But I promise you it's not good.

There is but one hope left for us all.