Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day Two-Hundred Ninety-Three: NaNoWriMo

Time for National Novel Writing Month, everybody!

For those who aren't in the know (which should be none of you, because I know I've mentioned this before, and if you haven't been reading since day one SURELY you went back and read everything until you were caught up ;-), NaNoWriMo is an Internet-based writing project in which participants are challenged to write a 50,000-word narrative from midnight, November 1st till midnight, November 30th. Last year was the first time I seriously participated, and I ended up writing a story that I not only liked, but that I also got published, turned into a series, and made into a movie*! Plus, it was all kinds of fun, and since I work so well with deadlines, it was also a sort of creative catalyst for me. So, I'm doing it again this year. This year's novel is not one I plan to seriously consider doing anything with, but fans of the Hero Squad franchise (particularly the Princess Mystic Starfish corner of the universe) will likely get a kick out of it.

So what does that mean for you, my faithful little blog of two-hundred ninety-three days?

Most likely, nothing. There are already nights when I post nothing beyond "I'm tired. Going to bed now." Hopefully those entries won't become more frequent over the next month. Maybe I'll start posting at lunch again to my nights can be NaNo time. But, who can say for sure? You may just get links to more Aquaman cartoons for the next who-knows-how-long. All I know for certain is that 50,000 words is probably at least three weeks away (that's how long it took me last year). I'm sure I'll post NaNoWriMo updates as we go.

Here's your first one--Current Word Count: 0!

*These things have not actually happened.