Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day Two-Hundred Seventy: Now! (It's Just the Gas)

House Managing fun tonight. It was a discussion night, so things were supposed to go a little late anyway, but we got all the patrons out of the house in pretty good time. In truth, pretty much everything went quite smoothly this evening. Then, the stage manager comes up and asks me to follow her and see if I smell something like gas in the box office. I follow her. I do. So do the actors. So does the boss, who happens to have stuck around for the whole show tonight. Within moments, we're urging actors and crew members to finish their business and leave the building as soon as possible as the Center Point Energy crew is on their way and we need to shut down the building. Natch, the SM stays to wait for the Center Point guy. Natch, I stay around, too, so that A) she's not waiting alone, and B) the boss has a representative at the site when the guy shows up. (She considers me an extension of her own office sometimes) So we stand around in the parking lot, chatting with the security guard about his time in the Navy, waiting for the Center Point gentleman to arrive. He arrives, and we (along with Cyndi, who was apparently bored so she came back to help) take him on a tour of the theater. He smells what we smell, but his little gizmo (gizmo = slang term for a mechanical device in this case and NOT a Mogwai) says no gas, no carbon monoxide, nothing bad. He tells us it is most likely "just a funny smell."

So, no gas. No exploding theater. Just a funny smell.

A few other snapshots before I go:

*Pens beat the Flyers tonight. In Philly. Ha ha.

*Really happy with the way both of my shows (or, the ones I wrote) are turning out. Looking forward to taking them to schools in just over a week!!

*The Hockey News picked the Aeros to finish 11th in the West. I say Fie! Fie!

*Speaking of the Aeros, I'm going to the game on Saturday! So stoked!

*Speaking of stoked, I've settled on my idea for NaNoWriMo 2009! I'd been kicking around different ideas for the last month or so, but I'm really excited about this new one.

*Started running again. About freaking time.

*Um...I'm out of things to say. G'nite!