Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day Two-Hundred Seventy-Five: Let Him Eat Cake

Kim: Robbie, do you want cake?

Robbie: Yeah!

Kim: You have to eat one more bite of chicken.

Robbie: No.

Me: Just one bite of chicken, and then you can have cake.

R: No.

W: Don't you want some cake?

R: ....No.

(Robbie climbs down and plays for five or seven minutes while the rest of us eat)

K: All right, time for dessert.

R: Robbie want dessert!

K: Oh, you want some cake?

R: Yes.

K: Eat that chicken on your fork.

(Robbie hesitates)

W: Can you eat that one chicken so you can have cake?

(Robbie takes the chicken off the fork and eats it)

R: Mmmm.

W: Is it good?

R: Yeah!

W: Do you want some more?

R: No.

W: Okay, here's some cake.


This, folks, is a perfect picture of every Christian's relationship with God at some point or other. (Us = Robbie, God = Kim and I in the illustration)