Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day Two-Hundred Sixty-Three: Austin

Woot wireless Internet. Woot Hampton Inn.

Non-woot putting me in a room that already has somebody in it.

Anyway, I'm listening to the Avs-Sharks game while my roommate-for-the-night sleeps. Avs are winning 5-2 after 2. I'm shocked. Then again, it is Joe Sakic Night.

Some highlights from today's booking:

**The event was the final program in a seniors event. (The church's event was encouraged to invite their children and grandchildren to the performance of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, so that they can use it as a discussion point with their families about Christ at home, so don't worry, there were plenty of kids at the actual show) We went to have dinner in the same dining hall as the conferees, all senior citizens. Leah finds an empty table for us to sit at and goes to save Stephen and I seats. She sits, and fifteen seconds later a man takes the stage DIRECTLY behind the table and starts announcing numbers for the door-prize drawing. Yup. We're eating at the empty table directly in front of the center of attention for the next fifteen minutes. And we just couldn't stomach the food, which made it even more awkward. When somebody on the other side of the room won something and the host had to walk over there to hand it to them, I said, "Quick, while the attention is elsewhere! Let's go!" And we did.

**Our opening act tonight? Why, a showchoir of women in their 70s with matching red vests and bronze canes called The Steel Magnolias, of course.

**The show features Leah and I as Lucy and Peter playing all of the characters through some quick costume changes. So, for example, Jadis is a wig, crown, and robe over top of the blue Lucy dress. With that in mind, here's a fun little wardrobe malfunction: Edmund shivering next to the Witch's sleigh. "You haven't been here very long," Jadis asks, "have you? I am Jadis. I am the Queen. This is my Queendom." She throws her shoulders back, robe falls off completely. " Narnia!"

**At the hotel, Stephen and I get keys for our room. We head up the elevator and try our keys, and they work, so we head into the smells like smoke, which is odd because it's supposed to be a non-smoking room. Then, we realize there's a laptop, turned on, on the desk. And the bathroom is completely stocked. And there's a suitcase on the bed. So we head back down to the desk. "There's already somebody in this room," I tell the guy at the desk. "Oh, there is?" He looks confused. "That should be impossible." We explain that there's stuff in the room, and he says that the last person may have just left some things. We say no, that would be a LOT of things to leave behind, and we describe it. Then, the guy behind us in line says, "Oh, is that room 412? That's my stuff! I was just coming down to say my key isn't working anymore." I offer the guy my key. "This one works," I tell him. Awkward all around. Just like middle school.

I love bookings.