Friday, March 12, 2010

v2, d12: Chaos! Chaos, I say!

One development after another. Very, very full day.

1) Had to be at work at 6:20 this morning for a school performance.

2) Van was almost out of gas, so I had to get it to a filling station.

3) Pump at gas station was apparently not on, so I had to find another station.

4) Had a good show for 400 kiddos, grades K-5.

5) Learn that Kim's car died (again) in the parking lot of Robbie's day care.

6) Learn 20 minutes later that tow truck driver left Kim's key on the bed of his truck and subsequently lost it somewhere on I-610 forever.

7) Good friend Kat volunteered to drive me out to the Carmax so they could use my key to run the diagnostic (without which they would not tow the car to another repair shop)

8) Stuck behind a two-lane accident on the access road for 15 minutes on the way to Carmax.

9) While stuck on the access road, get a call from Robbie's school requesting we come pick him up, as he is sick.

10) As we're pulling into Carmax, the Carmax guys decide to go ahead and tow the truck to the dealership anyway for repair--the one that's right by my workplace.

11) Switch the car seat to Kat's car, which is now going with Kat and Kim to get Robbie while I go with the tow truck to the Chrysler spot by my work.

12) Wait for 45 minutes at Chrysler for them to diagnose the problem.

13) Call best man Josh, who is on his way from Dallas to visit, to tell him he may as well hang out at the Galleria till I get everything straightened out.

14) Prayer meeting.

15) Call Josh to come meet me at work, and he gets stuck in traffic on the way, making 10 minutes drive into 40 minute drive.

16) Fourth callback audition for Little Foxes.

17) Wait until 5 p.m. for Chrysler to call back about my car.

18) Leave at 5 p.m. to get to Chrysler before 6 p.m. (It's about 5-7 minutes away)

19) Apparently, an 18-wheeler wrecked, spilling gas all over I-610, completely shutting down the major highway. (Maybe it got on Kim's old key) As a result, every road headed toward a major highway at 5 p.m. is backed up for miles. Literally, miles.

20) After an hour of driving, only make it halfway to Chrysler, so they close at 6 p.m. Star heading home.

21) An hour later, get home, play with Robbie while Kim makes dinner.

22) Go out with Josh to meet Dave at Chili's for some dessert.

23) Write on blog.