Sunday, March 28, 2010

v2, d28: Review/preview/Newsies clip post

Was scheduled to work strike for the last mainstage show (which meant I didn't actually get a day off this week, which fits in pretty perfectly with my schedule lately ;-). I always enjoy strike, though, and tonight was no exception.

Strike always makes me think of Newsies, though, so here's some Newsies for y'all.

Another long, long, long week ahead. 9 a.m.-10 p.m. every day again, this time working on three shows instead of two. (Welcome back, Teammates!) Also, a wedding on Saturday that I'm in, and I severely hope that I don't forget about it in the midst of everything else.

If you see me this week, especially toward the weekend, please remind me about that.

Also, if you're available to pick up a rental tux for me on Thursday, let me know, since I'll be in rehearsal all day long. Plus, I don't have a car anyway, so it wouldn't matter if I were in rehearsal or not.

In three and a half weeks, Alice will open, and two days later Foxes will be up as well. Weeks should be getting progressively more exhausting up to that point, though I think I should be able to get my Sundays off from here until there. Of course, if I get called in early to do sound system setup at church, that may not really be true.

It is good, though, to feel so in demand ;-)

In other news, the NHL Playoffs are going to start at some point in the next month. I'm going to miss the first round, more than likely, which will be a bummer because it means I'm probably going to miss all four Avalanche playoff games this year.

Oh well. Here's high hopes the Pens can get it all put back together between now and then. I think they'll be fine.