Tuesday, March 9, 2010

v2, d9: A Tough Sum

It's difficult to say much about today, because it's hard to know exactly what happened today. Company meeting/Bible study took what I can only describe as a fairly shocking turn this morning, and it resulted in what was possibly one of the most intense times of fellowship and worship I've experienced since I've been here. I don't want to go into too many details on here, partially because this is a public blog and partially because you can't really go back and describe the events that lead to worship and fellowship. It's different for everybody present. I can't say for certain that everybody found our gathering to be fruitful, but I know a lot of people did. I know there was some crying, some laughing, some singing, and some good old a-preaching, and it was all very spontaneous.

And God used me as one of the catalysts. That's always a strange feeling, where you start talking and you start to see God moving. Every time it's happened to me, I've always felt really unworthy (which, of course, I am), and today was like that.

You know, it really is an honor to be included in God's work. In any capacity. An honor, and a privilege, and a responsibility.

Anyway. That was this morning. Whatever happened, I think it was good. I hope and pray it may be a beginning for something.

The rest of the day was busy, busy, busy. Production meeting, rehearsal for tomorrow's early booking, van loading, lunch finally (@ 3 p.m.), and then another production meeting. I think my favorite production meeting is always the one where the costumer brings detailed sketches of every character. I've got one of the best costume designers I've ever seen working on this show with me. I'm lucky. It was fun.

Very busy. Very productive. Fairly exhausting. Tomorrow's going to be long; early call for a booking, late call for the last(?) Little Foxes callbacks. Even after this morning's prayer time, I saw several small instances of God at work in friends' lives. Above all else, I hope I get to see more of that sort of thing tomorrow. Second on the priority list: hope for an awesome booking. Third: smooth callbacks. After that...hm...well, I hope my lunch is nice and tasty, too.

And that it comes before 3 p.m.