Monday, March 22, 2010

v2, d22: May as well post today's too

Waiting for my wife to get off work so we can all meet for dinner. Hoping more opportunities like this arise over the next month.

Started rehearsals for Alice Now! this morning. Today went pretty well, though I had one actor have to leave early for a doctor's appointment and another one throw up at the end of rehearsal. So I guess that means that technically, today was disastrous. Oh well. We had fun.

I mean, you know. Most of us. For most of the time.

One of my first production meetings for Hero Squad, one of my designers left the room crying. One of my first blocking rehearsals for Secret Identity, one of my actors went to the emergency room. After our first Four Maps rehearsal, one of my actors came down with a really nasty virus. And now, my first rehearsal for Alice, one of my actors throws up. This is a trifle upsetting, because I generally believe I'm a really nice and cautious person (in a work-related environment. Outside the workplace, all bets are off). I don't know why trauma seems to follow the early stages of every project I get my hands on.

If I ever get to direct a production of MacBeth, watch out. I'm predicting an ocean liner will somehow crash through the walls of the theater during the second day of blocking.