Tuesday, March 23, 2010

v2, d23: "It's a post that ends with 'D'OH' oh oh oh..."

Today, my wife, son, and sister-in-law brought me a lemon-berry slush from Sonic after work. It was a little too heavy on the syrup (never thought I'd be saying that about a slush) but was fantastic nonetheless. We've really cut back on the fast food this past month, and while I wish I could say it's because we're suddenly health conscious, really it's just because it's been getting too expensive.

Anyway, Robbie ran around Saint Street for awhile, up and down the stairs, running in circles in the rehearsal space, climbing through and hiding under chairs. Then everybody had to leave so I could have dinner and get ready for the evening's rehearsal. Robbie started to fuss and then cry when he had to leave, echoing that heartbreaking "I want my daddy to come!" That kinda sucked. But we let him take one of the nice smooth rocks from outside back with him, and that seemed to ease the immediate burden.

Probably a lot of those heart-breakers in the next four and a half weeks, unfortunately. This'll be a fantastic test to remind myself whether or not I think what I'm doing for a living is actually worth doing for a living.

Rehearsals are going really well, I think. Tho, to be fair, there've only been three rehearsals for Foxes and one for Alice. (Notes: Alice and the Foxes is a fun title for a play. Or a girl-fronted 1950s rock or jazz band. Ooh, or surf music. Very underappreciated, surf music) The next three days will be chocked full, so hopefully I don't get behind on my day job stuff. (Also, apparently I now have 1-3 p.m. office hours at Grace. So, stop by and say hello, Grace groupies!)

Good news: I'm actually pretty tired at bedtime when I get home. Bad news: I'll never get through my library books if that holds steady.

I'm starting to get rambly. I'ma cut this off before I tell you about how I smelled someone's canned pasta today and got all nostalgic for Spaghetti-O's.