Wednesday, March 31, 2010

v2, d31: Marching Band Movies

My sister is currently on a road trip with her high school band (she's the band director) and she just left a facebook comment on the predictability of her band's choice in movies for the bus trip. (Cars, Pirates, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings, for the record)

It made me wonder, what sort of movies are you supposed to want to watch on a band trip? The Music Man? Mr. Holland's Opus?

Clearly, not enough exciting, new films are being made for the high school marching band demographic.

So, we're gonna have us a FOMW contest. (I can already tell this is going to be wildly popular...) Using the comments section, pitch me your idea for a new marching band-centric film. It can be any genre, and it can be as simple or as detailed a pitch as you want. (In other words, you can leave me a few sentences for a premise or you can provide a short synopsis with proposed A-listers to star and everything) You can enter more than once, but you can't pitch more than three movies. (That means, if you want to pitch me a trilogy, that's fine, but then that's IT! No more after that!)

The winner's gonna get something. I dunno what yet. It'll probably depend on whoever wins.

I'ma be the judge. Give it some thought; you've got until midnight CST on April 5th to enter.

Make me proud, readers. Remember: lame contests are only lame when nobody plays along.