Sunday, March 7, 2010

v2, d7: Week One in In The Books

Well, that was an eventful first week of blogging!

Train rides, last-second work calls, auditions, callbacks, Oscars, late-night movies, and near head trauma. Plus plenty of exciting toilet training details I will spare you.

I'm telling you, when the rodeo comes to town, this whole city just gets crazy.

I really wish I could get to the rodeo this year. Not going to have the cash for it, which is unfortunate because I was actually pretty set on finally making it out there now that Robbie is old enough to stay out for a little while. It seems a shame that you can live five years in the city with the world's largest rodeo/livestock show and yet never actually go out to visit it. (Just watch, the first spring I'll actually make it to the rodeo will be after I've moved away when I come back to visit some friends)

Watched some of the Academy Awards tonight. It was as I'd feared: Oscars by yourself is kinda lame. I enjoy awards shows more for the social aspect than for the awards themselves. I'm really not a huge fan of many celebrities, I don't go out to see as many movies as I'd like, and I don't care at all who designed what guy's suit or that lady's dress. Honestly, I'm not big on formal events in general (have I blogged on that before? I'm sure I'll bring it up again around Spotlighter time). However, I do enjoy hearing friends and colleagues exchange opinions on what films and stars they did or did not like, and it helps keep me informed. Which is good, since performance art is kinda my thing, and film and theatre are kinda like second cousins.

Anyway, watched some ceremony, and it wasn't bad. I do like breakdancing, but I'm not sure it's always appropriate, by the way. During music from "Up", for example.

After awhile, I got the brilliant idea that it would be fun to actually watch a movie rather than just watch a show about movies, so I popped The Dark Knight into the old DVD player. This is actually only the second time I've seen that movie (the first being the day it came out at a movie theater just outside Disneyland. You definitely need The Happiest Place on Earth after your first trip through TDK), and it's really pretty good. It's also pretty easy to find minor quibbles with, and you always find those the second or third time through the flick. (When you can find a dozen or so in the first viewing, that's when you know you've got problems) But it was good fun. Movies are good. Gave me the idea that I need to go through and watch all the movies that I own, because most of them have been sitting in their case for over a year.

Don't know if I'll actually do that. But it's kind of a cool idea. We'll see how dry I get for blog topics later in the year ;-)

Okay, still more movie stuff: new Iron Man 2 trailer is up at

Also, I know most of you probably know that Sandra Bullock won a Best Actress Oscar for The Blind Side; did you know that the day before she won a Worst Actress Razzie for All About Steve? She did, and she actually showed up to "accept" the award. (Note: one of the presenters is a friend of mine from my Horsefeathers days)