Wednesday, March 24, 2010

v2, d24: Game Over


If you haven't dealt with the many frustrations you may have suffered as a child, if you have lasting feelings of failure from your formative years, if stressful childhood memories tend to give you a very visceral reaction, DO NOT watch the following video.

It may just be the most aggravating three and a half minutes of your life.

I particularly like the screen that flat out says, "You and your friends are dead. Game over." No pulling punches there.

I'm a little disappointed not to have Little Mac's "Give up, Mac? Retire?" after a mere three losses in the guy's professional boxing career. Yup, 17 years old, 12-3-0 with 8 KOs, definitely time to call it quits.

Hope I haven't ruined your day, my gaming friends. Remember, Robocop is never discouraged. And neither should you be.