Friday, March 26, 2010

v2, d26: Quickies

A few quick thoughts:

*I received a sincere thanks from Cedric's people for returning my Census. So, there's my prize. Whoo.

*For those of my readers who still haven't checked out the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World trailer, I am posting a link to it. You should check it out if for no other reason than you will know what it is that I've been strangely unable to stop myself from watching multiple times a day for the past few days. Besides, Edgar Wright is awesome.

*In other comic book movie-related news, apparently this site finds it alarming and confuzzling that the upcoming ultra-violent film Kick-Ass is not on most women age 25 and up's radars. Wait, what? Adult women aren't crazy about obscure, obscene, gratuitous, college humor comic book movie adaptations staring Nicholas Cage? This recession is serious, yo...

*While rehearsing a play, director will usually tell the actors to disregard everything in parentheses because that's just something that stage manager of the original production put in there and it isn't actually part of the script. They usually say this when they want to tell you to do something totally different than whatever is written in the parentheses. Um...yeah. I dunno where that started, but I'm gonna call bunk on that one. If the parentheses say "Crosses D.S.C.", then yes, there is a good chance the playwright didn't write that. If it ain't blocking, chances are the same person who wrote the dialog wrote it. Now, I do agree that you don't have to be married to the parenthetical information, but enough of this, "a stage manager wrote it, so ignore it" stuff.

*By the way...since when do we ignore anything a stage manager writes?

*If I had been Johnny, I don't think I would have been able to pray that specific prayer without thinking, "Wait a second...I've said these words before!!" Also, Tommy Tompson's parents weren't very original.