Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day One-Hundred Eighty-Four: Squid. Squid. Squid. Squid. Squid.

Halfway through yesterday's post, I passed the halfway point of this 365 project. Go me.

Congrats to the Bergstroms, who finished a very successful 365 photo venture yesterday afternoon. I will miss it.

I will miss them, too. (Was that ominous?)

Here's a story that, while cool, is not quite as cool as its headline makes it sound: Squid story, complete with video. My favorite part about this story? The Humboldt squid can eat people. Eat them. Alive. I love marine life, but I would not step near a Humboldt.

I had a meeting in the boss's office (rhyme time!) after Bible study this morning. It went fairly well, but the boss was sitting on the couch, and a small spider crawled out from behind the couch and gradually worked its way around all the picture frames on her wall throughout the meeting. It took every ounce of willpower I had not to interrupt her and smack the wall right behind her the whole meeting long. Would that have been disrespectful?

Finally: I appreciate your comment that I am the most talented artist you know; however, I've seen you blow so much smoke up so many stacks over the past few years, I'm afraid the compliment just doesn't register. (This does not apply to any of you, but I needed to get it out)

I'm warm. Is anybody else warm? It's warm.