Friday, July 3, 2009

Day One-Hundred Seventy-Three: Farewell Wellington

So much I want to post about, yet I don't feel motivated to write any of it right now.

Same goes for those couple of writing projects I actually have to take care of, and quickly. Three of 'em that need to be dealt with in a timely manner, and all I can think about is the next book.

Which makes sense. Since, ya know, nobody's picked up the first book, so it's a good use of my time to keep it going.

I'll bet real writers never deal with this ;-)

Headed back to Oklahoma tomorrow for the 4th with Kim's immediate family. I'm so blessed; I love my in-laws. And most of 'em seem to like me. So, much like colors, there are blessings all around. Anyway, you won't hear from me again until we get home Monday. (We get home very late Sunday; I will not post then because I will be too tired and will be moving everything in from the car. I will post Monday) I'll be preaching at FBC Coyle on Sunday morning, so I'll appreciate prayers between now and then.

Also in need of prayers: Friend and loyal commenter Dave is on his way to England on a missions trip with his church. I'm sure he wouldn't mind my soliciting prayers on his behalf.

This has been a really good couple days in Wellington. Far more introspective than any trip home has been up to this point. Maybe I'll share some of this later. Maybe not.

I will say that I've been listening to The Afters' CD Never Going Back to OK over and over and over again this past week, and that somehow that's fueling my desire to write another novel. In fact, one of the songs has informed me of exactly how the next book will end. So there's that for a very minor teaser.

Final note: I really miss burgers, hot dogs, and chicken cooked on the grill. Thank you, this vacation, for treating me with these delicacies from the past.

See you on Monday.

Ya know. I hope.