Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day One-Hundred Seventy-One (I think): Update on updating

Soooo, I have my back-updates on my laptop, but apparently my laptop can't communicate with my dad's Internet, so either A) I won't post them for simplicity's sake, or B) I'll just back-update twice a day after I get back to Houston, like last time. Preference?

I won't write a lot tonight, either. I've been on my Dad's compy a lot today. It's the first day of the NHL free agent period, so there have been lots of TSN refreshing, Twitter checking, and message board surfing. I always found it kinda cruel that this event falls on Canada Day, as in the past it has been the stage for many good players leaving Canadian teams for American cities that can pay more. This year, however, the six teams north of the border have fared pretty well.

Well, almost. Sad day for the Oilers. You want a good "What a dork!" hockey player story? Ask me about Dany Heatley next time you see me.

Speaking of "What a dork!" hockey stories...did Hossa really sign a 12-year deal? More importantly, does this mean the Blackhawks will now lose the next 12 Stanley Cup Finals???

Speaking of Stanley Cup Finals, my dad and I re-watched game seven of the Tampa/Calgary final in 2004. Yes, it's still sweet, five years later. Man I love the Stanley Cup.

Okay, signing off. Going to the zoo with the family in Wichita tomorrow. Morning. Should be fun. OH, and special guest blogging tomorrow! Woot!

Also, started a second novel last night. (A followup to the first, which I need to rewrite still. And I would have, had I not left it in Houston) Unfortunate, given that I have some playwrighting work I need to get done.

Sometimes I feel like I write like a real writer, only without getting paid for it like a real writer does. Need to fix that.

Wait, I mean I love the art. Yup. All about art here. And sending kids to college. But mostly art.

Okay. Signing off for real.