Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day One-Hundred Ninety-Two: One-Sentence Updates!

I spent almost all last night trying to be a good husband.

Amazing Spider-Man #600 is out today.

I think I've finally found something that justifies Twitter's existence.

I'm making some nice progress on a new play that I shouldn't be writing at this time.

This year's Aeros team is going to look a lot like two years ago's Aeros team.

9 looks like it could be an awesome flick.

Hannah gets home today!

Travis Zajac re-signed with the Devils.

I think the Lightning are going to surprise some folks next year.

Our 43rd season is much closer than I had originally thought.

Banquet has managed to design a new lasagna tray that is both more aesthetically pleasing than the old model and less capable of carrying a decent amount of lasagna.

Yesterday's post had more comments then I've had on one post in (I think) a full month.

NES and SNES games had some of the best musical themes in video game history. is streaming a Final Fantasy marathon to raise money for autism research.

I'm done blogging now.