Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day One-Hundred Eighty-One: Weekend Game Time

In my opinion, Hellboy II > Hellboy. So, that that for whatever it's worth.

Game time! Wannabewordslinger is proud to add these additions to Bubble Spinner and Ice Breaker in the WBW arcade!

First, for those of you who love to slay dragons, there's this. Warning: after level 26, it becomes pretty impossible to lose.

Second, hat tip to Tarvis, we've got this gem, which would be my new second-favorite flash game if not for the fact that it's pretty easy and really short. Still, mucho fun. And, features the Naughty Naughty Noddingshire theme music. Gotta love it.

In the immortal words of Tatsu, "Go. Play. Have fun."