Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day One-Hundred Eighty-Nine: Welcome to our Pool, you'll notice there's a "P" in it. Who brought the toddler??

Wow. Blogger lets you have a really long post subject if you want to have one!

Happy Sunday, everyone! Everybody here has been in a much better mood today after 1) Robbie slept long and hard last night, 2) Kim got to stay home and rest while I took Robbie to church, and 3) I, um...well honestly, I'm just in a better mood because they are. Also, I had two cups of coffee in Sunday school this morning.

Eerie weather fact: every day from yesterday through next Thursday has nearly the exact same forecast: high 92-94, low 76-78, 30% chance of thunderstorms. Further, every day has a difference between the high and low of exactly sixteen degrees. Consistency? Or a rut? You decide.

Or don't. It's really not that important.

Took Robbie out to the pool yesterday for the first time. Just the two of us, and he really loved it. I was a little surprised, because getting water in his face during bath time usually = game over, but he really, really loved the pool. We played for about half an hour before Kim came and made us get out to have a snack, and he would probably have gone right back in if not for the fact that it was time to go to the block party at church (which went very well, thanks to all who prayed. At least 26 decisions for Christ were made, and over 300 people came, among other blessings).

Tomorrow starts the big reading project. And it will be pretty big. I've got somewhere between 40-50 books to read. I love that the Houston Public Library calls a library card a Power Card. It sounds like an item from an old Final Fantasy game. I left an awesome Facebook status based on that idea. Only Tarvis liked it.

Man, what would I do without Tarvis?