Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day Two-Hundred: Take a deep breath, and I swear everything will be all right...

Let's just drive.

Headed on another trip this weekend, destination Lubbock, TX. Tomorrow I'll leave in the morning and drive about six hours to Eastland, and then on Saturday I'll go from Eastland to Lubbock and back, then home again home again Sunday for some Shaking of spear in the Park.

Dunno if my hotel in Eastland will have Internet; if not, I'll just post three days worth of updates late Sunday night. No use back-posting for just two days. That's ridiculous.


Headed to Lubbock for the Cordell Green New Plays Festival. One of my scripts, The Girl Who Wore Golden Clothes, is one of the six featured plays and is having a public reading. Should be good. Also, can't be a bad thing to meet some Texas theatre folk from outside my little circle here.

Today is a mess of trying to make sure I have everything ready for tomorrow: rental care taken care of, hotel taken care of, everything work I need done before tomorrow taken care of, pay check taken care of, etc. Also, my boss will be out all next week, so if there's anything I need to work out with him I need to remember it and get it taken care of before I go home. Then I can start thinking about things I actually need to take with me ;-)

Also: headed out to the library with the fam tonight. Long, solitary car trip. You know what that books!!