Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day One-Hundred Ninety-Eight: Why does it sound like there's an angry muppet downstairs??? (updated)

I love group prayer time. Someone is having a baby, someone is sick and scared, someone is buying a house, someone is dying, someone is traveling, someone is helping a friend, and everyone is reminded just how eventful life truly is as we go to God together.

Unrelated: Recent events have conspired to greatly amuse/confuse me. I'd say more, but A) it would be incomprehensible to most of you, B) I have yet to see how said events actually end up, and C) I like my job. ;-)

Also: I know the secret identity of The Profile.

Finally: I am almost through the first book on my new mandatory reading list. I both love and hate when you get to that point when you round the corner of the last fifty pages: love it because, if it's a well-written book, you are speeding toward a satisfying conclusion; hate it because you rarely find yourself at a point in time in which you can sit and read these last 100 pages without interruption, which is really how the last 100 pages of a book should be read.

UPDATE: Answer to question posed in post title: Brenda's son is trying out new Mad Hatter voices downstairs in the conference room. Of course!