Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day One-Hundred Eighty-Two: Haiku 2

I have not much to
Write (yet again) on this here
Blog; haiku part two!

Mayo on the bun.
I was sure supposed to check.
I am a bad friend.

Sidney won a Cup.
Geno, he won a Cup, too.
Boo-hoo Marian.

Try hard to skateboard.
Running into your mom's van.
YouTube. You're famous.

Creepy Sonic girl.
Chasing you down Westheimer.
I won't sleep tonight.

First, five syllables.
Then, more than five syllables.
Last, five syllables.

Do you like the circus?
I went to one in third grade.
Eh. It was okay.

Rattle. Pop. Shfffft! Sniff.
Mmm. Smells good. Crunch. You eat some.
Pringles make bad poems.

Sometimes you win some, but then
Usually you don't.

Travis wants to help.
"Country fried steak toaster." Hm.
Not really much help.

Two days left of work
Before going to England?
Play Bubble Spinner.

Potted meat. Smallville.
When you get married, these things
Might just disappear.

Who else reads this blog?
Personalized haiku are
Kinda fun to write!

Godzilla! Dance! Dance!
Gamera! Friend of children!
I don't fear Japan...

Get back from Europe.
We need some outgehangen.
Tarvis says, "Mm-hm."

Happy Monday, friends!
Hope your week rocks your face off!
Not literally.