Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day One-Hundred Ninety-Six: "I don't think there are any sharks in space."

But it would be awesome if there were.

I will write that story/movie/cartoon/comic someday.

Anyway, happy Shark Week, everyone.

I realize yesterday's post may have come across as a "poor me!" post, which it is not. It could also have been read as an "I'm bragging because I'm awesome" post, which it is not. (I should have put a winking emoticon at the end, but I deplore the use of emoticons in blogging ;-)

If you know me very well, I'm pretty sure you didn't think either of those things. If you did think either of those things, I apologize.

The rest of this post was getting far too bizarre and has been sacked.

Enjoy your day.
-the WBW staff