Wednesday, December 1, 2010

v2, d218: Whew.

What a horrible day! 

Opened the show today.  Which was good.  It went well.  There was a certain someone in the audience who, unfortunately, almost always puts me on edge when they're in the audience, and I let that get to me, but otherwise it was fun.  Hey look, a picture (taken by the multi-talented Sarah and property of the A. D. Players, with more pictures to be found at this link)
After the show, things got unusual. 

First, I was bored.  There wasn't much to do in my office today.  And a group of folks got to dress up in old timey Christmas caroler clothes and go shoot some promotional stuff for a church (which looked fun).  When they all left, I was the only person left in the entire upper floor of our building.  Lame.  I kinda wished I'd been scheduled to go along, because the caroling thing looked like fun, and the people going were all fun.

Turns out, God had reasons I wasn't supposed to go fake caroling.

Now, I'm not going into details here, because this is a public site, but I overheard that someone had fallen out next to our building and needed help.  So I tried to wait around with that person and get bandages, ice, and whatnot while waiting for the paramedics to arrive.  It was a jarringly disturbing sight, because the person was hurt pretty bad.  (After they left in the ambulance, I later heard that they are going to be fine and actually got to go home from the ER tonight, so there's a Praise God right there) 

After all of that settled (and I was still a little shaken by it all), Kim called and said the she was going to Robbie's day care to pick him up because he'd been throwing up "all over the place."  So she got him and then got me, and the poor guy just looked totally sapped.  All night long, he was groggy and spent.  He was also royally thirsty, but as soon as he'd try to drink something he'd throw it back up.  Again, there are more details I'm not going to go into here, but it was a rough night at home. 

Only, I couldn't actually be at home for all of it, because I had a meeting with the pastor at church.  So I went to meet with him and left poor Kim and Robbie equally exhausted at home.  When I got back, Robbie was already (willingly) in bed, despite the fact that it was nearly an hour before he usually settled down for the night.  He was already on his second set of pajamas.  He was tired enough to be asleep, but Kim said she thought he was waiting for me to get home to tell another Hairy and Scary story before he'd let the lights go out. 

Follow all this up with a phone call I had while running a few quick errands, in which I learned some troubling health news from an old college buddy, and...yeah. All the crazy just ran up and punched life in the gut today. 

I'm still fairly upbeat, though.  Got an uber-encouraging email between the major daybreakers this afternoon.  Praying and hoping Kim and I don't catch what Robbie has.  Looking forward to going into work a tiny bit later tomorrow morning.  Also, "Christmas Versions of Famous Plays" on my Facebook has provided me with lots of amusement today.  A coworker took my evening shift tomorrow so I could help out at home.  So we've got some good stuff going on.

Still...I'm ready for tomorrow to be boring!