Friday, December 3, 2010

v2, d220: Eyes Ahead

So, two or three days no longer appears to be a possibility.  However, according to what one doctor (and a specialist!  A British specialist, to boot!) told Kim today, it seems "reasonable" to believe that she won't be stuck in the hospital until the baby is born.  In fact, we were told that "home by Christmas" appears to be an attainable goal. 

Robbie is taking this amazingly well.  He seems to have accepted that Mommy staying at the hospital is the best thing for her and the baby to feel better, and so far he's been happy with having other folks watch him so Daddy can work while Mommy is in the hospital.  It helps, I'm sure, that there's a large wooden floor in Mommy's current hospital room that is perfect for rolling trucks around on.  Furthermore, they have two stools on wheels that he can push around a huge area.  Once they move her from Labor and Delivery to the Antepartum Unit (Fun Fact: Not Anti-Partum!), her room will probably be smaller and may not have as much room to play.  Plus, as the days drag on and we keep having to say goodnight to Kim at the hospital, there's a good chance the adventure of the situation will wear off and he won't cope with the situation nearly as well.  For now, though, it's a blessing, and it gives us one less thing to worry about. 

Speaking of which, my mother-in-law just happens to have an entire week off, and so she'll be down here soon to help us (us in this case = me) on top of the housework, keep Kim company, and stock our freezer with nutritious reheatable meals for the next few days.  Several friends have already stepped up to help take care of things, cover extra shifts, make sure we have someone to take care of Robbie, etc.  And etc.  And etc.  I'm thankful for all the prayers, support, and helping hands I've received over the last 24 hours. 

As for me: I'm weary.  I'm exhausted.  But I'm okay.  And we're going to be okay.  And, God willing, we'll still have Christmas with the family at our place this year.