Sunday, December 26, 2010

v2, d239: The Day After

Happy Boxing Day. Or, as it's rapidly becoming known in the states, MMA Day.

For those who (like me) feel this day ought to contain a bit more violence, here's tonight's Phaneuf/Kovalchuk fight thanks to the fine folks at

In other terribly important news: I now own both a Texans shirt and an Astros shirt. I figure I can wear the 'Stros shirt when I occasionally make it out to the ballpark (hopefully) this spring and the Texans shirt on days when I'm feeling exceptionally mediocre.

While we're on football: Major props to the Chiefs for turning that horrid franchise around in a matter of a few seasons. Congrats on the division title. My middle- and high-school self is rejoicing.

Amazing. The Texans were at their worst about two years before KC's inevitable collapse, and now the Chiefs are division champs and Houston is...Houston.

Clearly, I should have jumped on the Dynamo bandwagon back when I had the chance.